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Four Benefits Of Whole-House Dehumidification


In Durham, NC, humidity is something with which we are very familiar. Winter is usually a fresh break from steamy summertime humidity outside and inside; however, this year has been quite unusual. It seems like we have had to use our air conditioning more than our heat during this holiday season. Besides the warm air, many people have experienced unusual stuffiness in their homes due to the excess humidity.

One of the main functions of your heating and air conditioning system is dehumidification of the air inside your home; however, in North Carolina, HVAC systems are often working overtime and it is still not enough to overcome uncomfortable humidity. When there is extreme moisture and rainfall outdoors, your HVAC system may have to work extra hard to reduce the humidity indoors.

One way in which you can battle indoor humidity in central North Carolina is through whole-house dehumidification. We have listed four benefits of installing a whole-house dehumidification system in your home including: in home air comfort, combating mold and mildew, savings on your energy bills, and a longer lifespan for your HVAC unit.

1) In Home Comfort

Even during fall and winter, humidity inside your home can still be quite high. During mild seasons your HVAC unit may not run as often, and indoor moisture levels may be allowed to rise even more than usual.

Whole-house dehumidification systems work independently from your home’s heating and air conditioning unit to neutralize humidity and vastly improve your indoor air quality. With a dehumidification system, when the weather is milder you do not have to set your thermostat uncomfortably low to overcome stuffy air in your home. In the summer, when your home would ordinarily feel muggy even with the A/C running, your home will feel much more comfortable.

2) Fight Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew develop and thrive when excess moisture is present in your home. When mold develops it can lead to an expensive and intensive remediation process as well as numerous ongoing issues. Allergy sufferers are especially susceptible to the harmful effects of mold; however, if it develops, all of your home’s occupants are vulnerable.

mold and mildew

Whole house dehumidification makes your home a hostile environment against the development of mold and mildew. Since dehumidification systems work independent of your heating and air conditioning system, your home is being dehumidified even when the HVAC is not engaged. This is especially important for the milder and colder seasons.

3) Energy Savings

One of the most important benefits of whole house dehumidification is the impact it will make on your energy bill. A dehumidification system draws significantly lower amperage than an HVAC unit. Since the dehumidification system works independently from the HVAC, it will result in your main unit running less often. This can translate to major savings on your energy bills.

4) Longer Lifespan for your HVAC

Heating and air conditioning systems work hard in North Carolina. Running long hours at high capacity will strain your HVAC unit and shorten its lifespan. Whole house dehumidification reduces the stress on your main unit. Reduced stress is not guaranteed to increase the lifespan of your HVAC unit, but with regular/proper maintenance, you should be able to expect your unit to last longer than most systems.