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6 Myths About HVAC

Air conditioning unit

air conditionerAs the extreme heat continues in Durham, NC, we want to make sure you are as educated as possible about your air conditioning system. Last month we looked at six reasons your air conditioning system is not cooling your house. This month we want to cover six myths about HVAC.

Myth 1: Significantly raising the temperature when you leave the house will lower your energy bills

One of the most common myths about air conditioning is that you should raise the temperature on your thermostat way up when you leave for work or vacation. HVAC systems are designed to maintain a constant temperature. The amount of energy used by your HVAC system to recover the temperature is more than if it remains constant. When leaving for vacation, raise the thermostat about 5 degrees, but any more than that can actually increase your energy consumption and costs.

Myth 2: The location of the thermostat does not matter

thermostat on orange wallIf the thermostat is located in near a vent or in direct sunlight it may not properly regulate your air conditioning system. This could cause your unit to start and stop frequently, which will lead to premature wear and tear.

Myth 3: A larger unit is more energy efficient

It was believed that larger units would result in less run time and subsequently lower energy consumption. However, except for a variable speed units, air conditioning systems have only one-speed setting. That means if a unit is too large for a home, it will have to start and stop frequently and thus use more energy that a smaller one. The best practice when choosing your unit is to consult with HVAC experts who will perform proper tests to determine the right size for your home.

Myth 4: You have to replace Freon/coolant in your HVAC unit

Your system will not deplete its Freon stores, nor will coolant evaporate. If your unit needs Freon, there is a leak. The longer the leak is allowed to continue, the more expensive the repair will likely cost. It is best to address leaking air conditioning system repairs as soon as possible.

Myth 5: Closing vents in seldom-used rooms can reduce energy bill

ventYour air conditioning system is designed to circulate air throughout your home. Closing vents, even in rooms that are seldom used, will inevitably make your system work harder. When your HVAC system is working harder, your energy bills are higher, and your equipment will endure unnecessary wear and tear.

Myth 6: Lowering the temperature on the thermostat significantly will speed up the cooling process

Your air conditioning system is designed to cool your home evenly. Lowering it will not result in your home cooling any faster than if it is set to the desired temperature.

Regular maintenance can preserve the life of your HVAC unit. That is not a myth. Contact us to schedule maintenance or repair for your air conditioning system.