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Why Heat With Natural Gas?

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hands holding a green plantIt’s no question that today’s homeowners are looking for ways to improve efficiency and save money on their home heating costs. When it comes to choosing a system to heat your home with, you have three choices: electric, natural gas, or oil. While every home needs to have electricity running to it, the overwhelming majority of homeowners choose to heat their homes with natural gas because of its better efficiency, lower cost, and greater dependability.

Better Efficiency

Natural gas furnaces are known for delivering much warmer air at a more consistent temperature. This means that natural gas systems are able to use less energy while heating the air 40 degrees warmer than their electric counterparts. Natural gas is also the cleanest form of heat. When this is combined with their superior efficiency, natural gas is the greenest heating option for homeowners.

Lower Costs

Electric heat can be very expensive during the coldest of months, particularly in the Raleigh area where many homeowners rely on electric heat pumps that aren’t efficient when the thermostat drops below 40 degrees. Natural gas HVAC systems are extremely efficient and are able to run at lower costs than their electric and oil counterparts. And unlike propane, which you have to buy in large quantities at fluctuating price points, natural gas systems are pay-as-you-go and under government regulations to ensure prices never spike.

Greater Dependability

Raleigh residents who have lived in a home with electric heat during a power outage in the dead of winter know how quickly it can lose heat. With natural gas, homeowners never need to worry about winter storms knocking out their heat supply. Unlike wood fireplaces or oil heating systems, natural gas customers never run out of fuel. Their natural gas line is a constant source of heat for their home and family.

If it’s time to install a new heating system in your home, give CWJ Heating and Air a call. We’d be happy to help you talk about your home heating options to help you pick the best system for your needs.