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Do I Need To Replace My AC Unit?

Do I need to Replace My AC Unit?

With summer just around the corner, people are looking to their energy bills and sweating (literally) over the increasing costs. Maybe your HVAC system didn’t work as well as you hoped last year. Well we have a checklist from Energy Star to help you decide if it is time to replace your Air Conditioning unit.

Is your heat pump or air conditioner more than ten years old?

Despite what your budget may say, your AC unit will not last forever. Heat pumps generally have a lifespan of 10 years. For specific parts like your evaporator coil, air handler, or blower motor they may last less than 12 years.

If you are concerned about age, it may be the best time to replace your system for a newer and updated unit to save money on energy costs.

Does your equipment need frequent repairs?

Chances are, if you are pouring money into your HVAC system, it may be time for an upgrade. Related to our first point, if your unit is older than 10 years old, you will most likely have repaired several parts, replaced others, and that list will only grow larger.

Give us a call and we will come out, inspect your AC unit, and give you a recommendation on whether you should invest in a new system or keep the one you have and continue to repair it.

Does your heating and cooling system make too much noise?

There may be several issues with your HVAC unit if there is loud popping, rattling, or screeching sounds. The bearing may have worn down; belts are slipping or broken; the ductwork could be loose or leaking. Some are easy fixes while others may be larger projects.

If you are not sure what is causing these noises, have one of our techs visit your home and they can diagnose the exact cause of the troubling sound.

We specialize in both ac installations and air conditioning repair; so whether you need your unit replaced or fixed, we have you covered.