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Simple Unit Checks To Ensure Your Home’S Comfort Through Winter

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Simple Unit Checks to Ensure your Home’s Comfort through Winter

We’re well into Autumn and fast approaching the winter months. Football has been great (Go Pack!), the cooler temperatures seem to de-stress people, and we can’t say the pumpkin spiced coffees have been bad.

It’s a relaxing time of year…

…but don’t let that distract you from necessary winter preparation!

Prepare now, relax later

With just a few simple tips you can keep your home comfortable all winter, while saving on energy costs.

Tips to keep your home comfortable in winter:

  • Check your vents for proper airflow

This includes changing air filters regularly, and making sure debris is cleared away from inside vents as well as the outdoor unit.

If you have a gas furnace, be aware of any leaks around the vent, or odors. Bad odors could mean damage to the heat exchanger which can cause carbon monoxide to enter your home. If this is the case, checking your exhaust vents will help you catch the problem early.

If you’re noticing odors by turning basic heat on, especially a burning smell, this might be dust or some sort of debris in your vents, heating coils, and heat strips from months of sitting unused. This could become a serious issue, make sure you call your hvac tech if you notice this past 2 days.

  • Opening blinds and drapes

This might seem silly, but even in winter, the sun can take some pressure off your unit by naturally warming your rooms. For windows with direct sunlight, leave the blinds open while you’re gone all day, this will keep your house warm without burning through your heater.

These unit checks can be conducted by you, the homeowner, without any cost and with very little trouble. However, if unit checks are not your forte, you can always have the professionals do it for you.

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