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3 Simple Tips For Keeping Your House Warm This Winter

3 Simple Tips for Keeping Your House Warm This Winter

Heating in Winter

The weather during wintertime in Durham is much like the rest of central North Carolina. It’s unpredictable. So far, we’ve seen freezing temperatures, rain, clear, upper 60s. There is one thing for certain, when the cold comes, it comes with a fury.

To be sure your HVAC system is running well and your home stays warm all winter, we’ve jotted down 3 quick tips to help you.

1) Keep Your Filter Clean

This might be a given for some of you, but you would be surprised how often the filter is neglected. As a general rule, the filter should be replaced every month. Visually inspecting the filter every couple of weeks will not only remind you to change the filter, but also to let you see if it should be changed sooner.

An older filter can cause improper airflow. Restricted air causes the internal components of your HVAC system to work harder leading to excessive wear and part failure.

If you need a reminder to check your filter, make it a habit to change it every time you get your power bill in the mail.

2) Keep Supply Vents Clear

If you have children running around your home, then you probably have stray toys lying around. Remove any toys or other obstructions like furniture and books from the supply vents.

Failing to keep the vents clear can result in hot spots and cold spots in the house. The thermostat will not be able to give an accurate account of the house wide temperature increasing both the amount of hot air being pushed into single rooms and the cost of heating your home during the winter.

3) Blinds and Curtains

The sun is the earth’s main source of heat in both the summer and winter.  Why not use this powerful source to your advantage?

The basic rule is: open your blinds, shades, and drapes to let in the sun during the day and closing them when the sun goes down. This may seem meaningless but you can actually save money using this simple trick.